Groupe Mirault offers clients exceptional quality services that raise the bar of excellence higher. Driven by an ecological vision that emphasizes on the economic and sustainable development of our region and country, we are doing everything possible to make sure our services reflect our philosophy and aim. 

Turnkey services

As real providers of efficient energy distribution solutions, we offer our clients turnkey services to meet their needs. Our team will carry out all the steps: product sale, delivery, shipping, installation at the client’s, and more. 

To offer a complete range of services that underpin our reputation of excellence in Abitibi and elsewhere, we have gathered the following family-run businesses: 

 TransRail FN27 inc. Logo

Trans Rail

Created in 2013 to serve one of Propane Nord-Ouest’s subsidiaries for propane supply, Trans Rail changed its vocation to become a railroad transhipment center. With 4 warehouses of over 10,000 sq.ft., Trans Rail offers its clients warehousing spaces, a boxcar loading dock and 1.2 million sq. ft. land. This site is entirely state-of-the-art and is accessible 24/7 to propane tankers. With a 6.5 million litres storage capacity, it is one of the largest railroad transhipment centers of northern Quebec. Trans Rail is home to propane for all of eastern Canada, but also to other products like cement, chemical products and more. 


Boutique La Fiesta

Boutique La Fiesta

Enter the magical and colourful world of the La Fiesta store. La Fiesta carries over 250 kinds of candy, gift ideas for the young and young at heart, items for every occasion (anniversaries, special occasions, birthdays), decorations for all your events (balloons, party favours), gift wrapping, and gift cards.

You like to party? So do we! That’s why we are the ideal partner for making your event original and memorable.


Centre d'amusement Toukiparc


During excavation work, a tropical forest emerges from the construction site.

At the heart of that luxuriant oasis, where 3 joyful characters:

  • Touki, the welcoming Toucan, spreading his wings for all those who visit his haven
  • Kira, the pretty frog, shining with her energy and her joyful personality
  • Gazou, the curious monkey, who provokes laughter with his funny nature.

Surrounded by all the magnificent forest, and the endearing personality of his living creatures, the Toukiparc has been created.


Logo ALFD Transport

ALFD Transport

Since the summer of 2015, we also became partners with ALFD Transport, a company dedicated to specialized road transportation services of all kinds. 

Feel free to contact us for more information on our services! Our team will be pleased to answer any question you might have.


Logo VCEPRO Abitibi

VCÉPRO Abitibi Inc.

Savings without worry.

Propane, as a fuel, saves money on engine maintenance, engine oil, spark plugs, idle time, refills and fuel. The cost of propane is lower than gasoline and diesel. As a result, propane vehicles offer savings after a certain amount of kilometers. The conversion of a vehicle can be profitable in less than a year and is transferable from one vehicle to another.