Propane: a well-established resource in the country

This abundant resource is an essential source of income and a factor of economic growth in Canada. According to the Canadian Propane Association, this industry brings in more or less 10 billions of dollars and creates jobs for 90,000 Canadians. Thanks to our strategic position in Abitibi-Témiscamingue - a region located at the junction of many routes used for the transit of goods - we are a leader in railroad and road transportation, and propane delivery. Almost a third of the propane produced in Canada is used by the mining industry, an industry we are very knowledgeable about and in which we have been working for almost a quarter of a century. 

Natural gas: a responsible resource

Found abundantly in Canada, natural gas is an eco-responsible choice that fosters sustainable development. As the cleanest hydrocarbon of them all, it contains less carbon per energy unit than other hydrocarbons, and is excellent for the transportation and production of electricity. Globally, Canada is the third largest producer of natural gas. For us at Groupe Mirault, it is the way to the future. That is why we invest considerable effort and energy into developing structures for the use and transportation of this valuable resource. 

The mining industry: a strong economic driving force

The mining industry generates major economic benefits in Quebec, creating thousands of jobs and substantial revenues. Groupe Mirault plays an active role in this vibrant industry and can take part in all mine development phases (exploration, construction and production). Our solutions for temporary heating, gas delivery, bolts and nuts delivery and more make us trusted partners for contractors responsible for the construction of mines and for mine operators.