About us

Groupe Mirault: at the heart of development

Groupe Mirault is a consortium of family-run businesses playing a vital role in the economic and environmental development, with a strategic position in northwestern Quebec. 

Our mission

To be a partner of choice to all our clients and suppliers by offering turnkey services in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, while supporting our community by buying all our goods and services locally. 

At Groupe Mirault, we are committed to offering a fast and quality service to reflect our clients’ image. To achieve this, we comply with the highest security standards and optimize our schedules to tailor to your delivery needs. We ensure security of supply at all times and offer a diverse range of equipment. For each of your projects, we offer energy-efficient alternatives that will help you save on costs.

The Groupe Mirault philosophy

We place respect at the core of our activities. We promote this philosophy of life by respecting the environment with both cost-effective and ecofriendly solutions we developed. It is our way to show our respect for the environment, our region and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, we believe our success lies on the contribution of every single employee. That is why respect of individuals is a fundamental value in each of our activities. We therefore feel strongly about offering our employees a respectful environment that gives them the opportunity to achieve their full potential and be recognized for their efforts and contribution. 

It’s all about our clients

To us, our clients are an integral part of our company, and we believe that we depend on them and not the other way around. That is why each member of our team does all it can to make sure each client is satisfied with the services received throughout the entire process.